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What is web hosting, and how to choose a web hosting provider?

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Since you are reading this article I am sure you might have already bought a domain or in process of buying one for your blog or business. Domain is the first thing that you will need to setup your website, the second one is a web hosting server where your website will be stored. If you have this query “What is web hosting” well it’s the space provided by companies to host websites on their servers. A website comprises of a lot of files, images, databases etc. which needs a space to be stored and connected to the internet for it to be available to the users at all times.

Webhosts have high performance computers called servers. The servers are always connected to the internet, and ensure the accessibility of your website by the users. There are three types of web hosting services provided by almost all web hosts, see the details below:

  • Shared web hosting: In a shared hosting your website is hosted on a server with 100’s of other websites. In this type of hosting you can create email ids of having your own domain extension. There are both pros and cons in a shared web hosting. Pros are low cost, good tech support etc. and Cons are security as you are sharing space with other sites, and restricted traffic volume.
  • VPS Hosting: This type of hosting gives you more control in comparison to shared one. You have a boundary which separates your websites from other hosted sites, and therefore provides better security in comparison to shared hosting. This type of hosting is slightly costlier than shared hosting
  • Dedicated Servers: This is your own house which you do not share with anyone. It’s good for businesses that have high traffic volume, and require email solutions and database support. However, to run your website on this kind of a server you need to pay extra from your pocket, and need dedicated staff to run the show.

Points to consider before choosing a web hosting provider:

Choosing a good web hosting is very important as that’s the place where your website lives, and accessed by others. Bad servers can kill the entire user experience and thereby ruining all your efforts. So, please go through the following points that can help you to choose a good web hosting for yourself:

  • Consider the traffic volume that you expect to your website.
  • Check whether the server is optimized for specific applications that you may want to run. Example if you want to run your website on WordPress is your server optimized for it.
  • A good web hosting should have a 24X7 support available. As there is nothing worse than waiting for help while your website is down.
  • Able to upgrade/ expand disk space and bandwidth in case the need arises.
  • Consider the downtime, it will be wrong to say that no web hosting providers have a down time but the less the better.
  • Checkout the speed of a few sites that are running on servers that you are close to finalize.
  • Also, check some reviews of the web host. You will find both good and bad reviews go with your discretion.
  • Check the cost you will pay per month for the server. Choose a plan that suits your budget. However, do not sacrifice on other factors because of the cost.

I run several websites and keep on experimenting with web host providers. This helps me to keep myself updated, and in turn help others to choose a good hosting provider. Following are some of the web hosting providers that have I am using for various sites that I run:

  • HostGator
  • BlueHost
  • Digital Ocean
  • Inmotion hosting
  • GoDaddy

Hope this article was able to clear your doubts, and helped you in deciding on the right web hosting provider. Do share your comments and do not hesitate to ask any query that you may have.

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