About Anuj Kumar Sharma

Anuj is a digital marketing and technology enthusiast who loves game changer technologies and online marketing (especially the automation and analytic aspects).

He authors ZigRadar, a blog that guides budding bloggers, marketers and start-ups on scaling things up. Anuj is also Director Product and Marketing for Whizlabs which is a leader in Java and Project Management certification preparation.

About ZigRadar

ZigRadar is a popular blog among the blogger and marketers community. The blog discusses about blogging, affiliate marketing, WordPress and all possible online marketing & technology gears.

It has been observed that the bloggers go through a lot of hit and trial before they actually succeed. Many bloggers leave blogging half way because they see no results or lack proper guidance.

All guides in this blog are written keeping all such bloggers in mind. So that there can be a step by step approach that each and every blogger could follow to make blogging career a success.