Instructions for setting up ivms 4500 for iOS and Android.

What is “Hikvision” today no longer has to be explained, the company has established itself as a supplier of the most modern and reliable equipment for video surveillance systems. Hikvision uses the ivms 4500 apk cloud client to remotely connect to an IP camcorder or DVR from a mobile device on iOS and Android, which I personally think is the best mobile client I have ever worked with.

How to stop candy crush request on facebook

Many of us still get several invites to play Candy Crush Saga or may be for some other apps on Facebook.  This is when we have not even registered or shown interest for these games or app. It is a very frustrating experience to get tonnes of requests every day for which you have no […]

How to download Skype iPhone app on any iOS device

Skype iPhone app can be installed and used on iPhones for sending photos, videos, instant messages absolutely free. You can also conveniently make calls to mobile and landline using Skype iPhone at a low cost. For better experience it’s recommended to use internet with a good speed. Use the following steps to download Skype on […]

How to delete skype account permanently

If you have finally made up your mind to no longer use Skype. And, want to find how to delete Skype account of yours.  Well in that case follow the simple steps given below. Ensure to use any unused Skype credit that you may have in your account before you perform the following steps: Sign-in […]

How to deactivate facebook account

If you are bored of Facebook, and want to take a break in that case you can consider deactivating your account for sometime. Deactivating facebook account does not mean permanently deleting it. What it means is that facebook is going to keep your information like timelines status etc. hidden from the world. In case you […]

9 iPhone insurance plans to protect your phone from theft or damage

Smart phone’s are expensive and so is the cost incurred if you run into trouble of damaging it. In case you damage your iPhone replacing it could cost you up to $500 or $600 which is way higher than the subsidized price on which you get the iPhone from your mobile carriers. So, iPhone insurance […]