How to deactivate facebook account


If you are bored of Facebook, and want to take a break in that case you can consider deactivating your account for sometime. Deactivating facebook account does not mean permanently deleting it. What it means is that facebook is going to keep your information like timelines status etc. hidden from the world. In case you make up your mind to return back you can reactivate the account and start using your facebook account as before. All your messages, friends list, photos etc. will restored as was earlier.

In order to reactivate your account you should be having access to the email id and password by which you used to log-in to facebook. If you are thinking all this to be difficult then follow the following steps and learn how to deactivate facebook account.

Step 1: Click on the toolbar and go to Settings

Step 2: On the Settings page go to Security, and scroll to the bottom you will see “Deactivate your account”. Click it.

Step 3: Facebook will ask you for a reason. You can simply click others and leave the text box blank.

Step 4: Although you are deactivating your account you can still keep on receiving emails, notifications etc. from your friends. If you wish not to receive notifications any further, you can simply click on opt out from receiving future emails from Facebook.

Step 5: Click the confirm button, and punch your password. Your Facebook account is now deactivated.

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