How to download Skype iPhone app on any iOS device


Skype iPhone app can be installed and used on iPhones for sending photos, videos, instant messages absolutely free. You can also conveniently make calls to mobile and landline using Skype iPhone at a low cost. For better experience it’s recommended to use internet with a good speed. Use the following steps to download Skype on iPhone:

Step 1: Download Skype iPhone app from App Store

Step 2: When you click on get skype you will be asked to enter your Apple id and password

Step 3: As soon as you provide the log-in details your download will begin instantly

Step 4: If you already have Skype id then you can punch and start using Skype on iPhone or else you can create a new account for yourself from the Skype iPhone app

System requirement:

This version of Skype will work on iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S and iPod touch 5thgeneration. You will need iOS 7 or above  in this case. For all users who are on iOS 5 or 6, Skype 4.17 is available in the App Store for download.


  • Talk with your fingers – Free messaging.
  • Call your contacts using Skype – Make free voice and video calls to your personal and professional contacts.
  • Low cost calls to mobiles and landlines too both local and international calls.
  • Share your favorite snaps and videos – You can share your pics and videos with friend and family without worrying about the file size and data charges.

Multitasking while using Skype app for iPhone:

With Skype iPhone app you can easily multitask. So, while you are making a call via Skype you can receive the calls and messages via your regular network.

Using Skype on jailbroken iPhone:

Skype does not runs on jailbroken iPhone or for that matter any jailbroken iOS device. So, while you may still want to go ahead and install Skype on any such device better do it at your own risk.

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