9 iPhone insurance plans to protect your phone from theft or damage


Smart phone’s are expensive and so is the cost incurred if you run into trouble of damaging it. In case you damage your iPhone replacing it could cost you up to $500 or $600 which is way higher than the subsidized price on which you get the iPhone from your mobile carriers. So, iPhone insurance is a good choice that you could make for yourself. There are various iPhone insurance providers which can help you getting your iPhone insured we have listed them below:

Squaretrade: SquareTrade provides similar iPhone insurance like AppleCare . The pricing varies as per the iPhone model. It covers drops, spills and malfunction in its iPhone insurance plan. What really makes SquareTrade iPhone insurance plan a hit amongst the iPhone insurance buyers is that it covers the accidental damage which only a few other insurance provider covers.

Plans start at $5 per month for iPhones and other smartphones. There is a $75 deductible for each iPhone and other smartphone claims. The plan is both monthly and yearly payments (which cost less), and you can cancel the plan any time for a refund.  Check out the best price of SquareTrade 2-Year iPhone Accident Protection Warranty (All iPhone Models) at Amazon

AppleCare: iPhone comes with 1 year of limited warranty and up to 90 days of complimentary telephonic technical support. However with AppleCare Protection Plan for iPhone you can get an extended coverage for 2 more years. The plan covers defects, repairs and battery. It will not cover accidental damage which includes spilling, splashing etc. which falls under the category of misuse. Check out the best price of Applecare Protection Plan at Amazon

Geek Squad: Geek Squad has two plans one that covers drops, spills and defects protection, and the other which is a complete protection plan. Both plans include a one-time battery replacement, one-time accessory replacement and coverage from mechanical failures — and no deductibles. However, you must purchase your phone from Best Buy in order to qualify for Geek Squad protection. For older phones, you can only qualify for Geek Squad protection if it is still within the product-specific return policy period.

Plans start at $7.99 per month, or $159.99 for a two-year plan, the complete protection plan starts from $10.99 per month, or $239.99 for two-year plan.

Protect Your Bubble: Protect Your Bubble protects your phone drops, spills, accidental, liquid damage. It also provide cover in case of theft, and a 180 days worldwide coverage a year. Protect Your Bubble will provide you with credit monitoring services in cases of theft, so you can keep track of your personal information while you wait for a replacement.

Plans start at £5.99 per month, or £71.88 annually.

Esurranty iPhone insurance: Esurranty is a budding insurer which provides extended coverage’s on electronic devices. They cover everything ranging from accidental damage to theft. The deductibles are less and so is the premium. One can certainly try their services.

AT&T/ Verizon/ Sprint iPhone insurance: The premium of insurance from the carriers could range in between $240-$260. Also, the deductibles per repair are too high so many repairs would not be covered. One thing that is covered by these carriers which no one else covers is theft. Otherwise insurance from them is a costly affair.

Endsleigh iPhone insurance: Just like Esurranty they cover everything thefts, accidental damages, cracked screens, fire, flood. You get a  30 day worldwide cover if you are travelling abroad on holiday or travelling. They also help you in restoring your content which is an added feature. If you do not claim damages for any given year you can avail the no claim bonus in your next premiums. Endsleigh also provides the liberty to convert your premium in flexi pay mode.

Credit Card Purchase Protection: Various credit card providers offer purchase protection programs to their Gold and Platinum card holders. The card covers credit card purchase against malfunction and accidental damage. Mostly insurance coverage is up to 3 months which mostly is increased up to a period of 1 year. These providers do not cover theft and accidental damages. You do not pay anything to get this insurance.

Homeowner’s Insurance: This is slightly different method for getting your iPhone insured. There are many homeowner’s or renter’s insurance which covers iPhone via an extension to your existing policy. However this is tricky and could be costly if you are unable to crack a good deal with the insurer.

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