Instructions for setting up ivms 4500 for iOS and Android.


What is “Hikvision” today no longer has to be explained, the company has established itself as a supplier of the most modern and reliable equipment for video surveillance systems. Hikvision uses the ivms 4500 apk cloud client to remotely connect to an IP camcorder or DVR from a mobile device on iOS and Android, which I personally think is the best mobile client I have ever worked with.

In this article we will look at the instructions for setting up ivms 4500 for IOS and Android

Features ivms 4500

  • Real-time video display
  • Remote playback of video from hard disk or flash card network camcorder
  • Display of real-time audio and recording
  • Control of Ptz camcorders
  • Alarm notification in case of motion sensor triggering
  • Display of up to 16 camcorders on one screen of mobile device

Setting ivms 4500

  • We’re launching the application.
  • In the upper left corner we open the main auxiliary menu. Here we are interested in the “Devices” tab.
  • To add a new device in the upper right corner, you should press the icon ⊕ In the opened tab select “Manual addition”. You can also add the device by QR-code (sticker on the camcorder or video-recording device) or if you are in the same wi-fi network with the device to be added to search within the network using the tab “Online device”.
  • Since I have a static white ip address, I will connect using “IP/Domain”. It is also possible to connect using HIDDNS by creating a permanent domain name or bypassing static addresses and names from an ordinary dynamic IP address using the Hik-Connect Domain serial number.
  • Let’s start entering the necessary data.

Name – any arbitrary device name. Logging Mode-selects a connection method.

Address – white static ip address issued by the provider.

Port – the port of the device forwarded to the router.

User name – login of the camcorder or video recorder (default admin)

Password – Password of the camcorder or video recorder

Camcorder number – is inactive, most likely the developers planned to set the number of camcorders that supports the connected camcorder.

If all settings are made correctly in the new window you will see connected video cameras. For convenience, you can split the screen into the number of cameras.

Video playback.

To play back videos, select the “Remote Playback” tab in the submenu. Then, when you select the necessary camera recorder, its scale of recording appears, and when you move along it you can rewind it.

Errors that occur when working with ivms 4500

As a rule, errors that occur when working with ivms 4500 are related to either poor quality Internet on the part of the device or wrong settings when adding the device.

The most popular errors are shown below:

  • Error code 43 is an incorrect ip address or port forwarding.
  • Error code 96 – The device does not have a DDNS
  • Error code 153 – Wrong password entry (someone is trying to get to your device), after 30 minutes the error should disappear.
  • The device serial # is not registered,please check the input and the device network settings”
  • The device serial # is not registered,please check the input and the device network settings” – Check the serial number of the device is not registered.

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