27 Shopping Apps for discount, deals and comparison

Amazon Mobile:  (Available for iOS, Android, Blackberry) – Shop millions of products get product details, read reviews, scan barcodes to check price instantly, and complete a secure purchase right from your mobile phone or tablet via Amazon’s One-Click buying.  BuyVia: (Available for iOS, Android, Kindle Fire) – BuyVia is a price comparison app it allows […]

25 Free Cloud Storage Providers

There are many companies that are giving options to store your personal or professional data on the clouds, and possibility to use it from any location. In the professional world companies are using cloud storage for better collaboration. In this article we have tried to collate most of the companies that provide free cloud storage. […]

15 Most visited websites globally

We have come up with this list of top 25 most visited website across the globe with help of Alexa traffic estimates. Alexa uses a proprietary methodology that measures how a website is doing relative to all other sites on the web over the past 3 months. Following are the most visited websites in descending […]

6 Useful URL Shortener to make beautiful url’s

URL Shortener is a tool that converts long URL into short and manageable formats. These tools have been around for quite some time. However, their popularity rose with usage of social platforms like Twitter which limits the number of characters per message. There are various URL shortener’s available in the market some of the most […]