6 Useful URL Shortener to make beautiful url’s


URL Shortener is a tool that converts long URL into short and manageable formats. These tools have been around for quite some time. However, their popularity rose with usage of social platforms like Twitter which limits the number of characters per message.

There are various URL shortener’s available in the market some of the most famous are listed below:

Google URL Shortener: This is a free service by Google for which you do not need to create any account. Just copy the lengthy URL and paste it to this tool, and in seconds it converts the lengthy url into small and beautiful one.

Google URL Shortener

Bitly: Bitly URL shortener is a very famous tool that is used by many big publishers across the world. With Bitly a business can have a custom shortlink with its brand identity intact. So something like a Verizon wireless shortlink would look like http://vz.to/techotac here VZ is for Verizon brand in the url. The tool provided by Bitly also helps you analyze the number of clicks, visitors, the device used etc. This helps you gain insight about your audience, and how they interact with your brand.

Tiny URL Shortener: This is a simple tool just copy the long url and paste it in the box, and it converts the long url into a shorter one with a click of a button. This tool can be added to the browser just by dragging and dropping it’s just that the the bookmark or favorites that you are using should support Javascript.

Ow.ly: This URL shortener comes backed with Hootusite power. You can create the short links on a click and get deep analytics on each link that you share. There is a human verification that is done by this tool before it allows you to shorten any url.

Fur.ly: With Fur.ly or Furly one can create multiple short links. Furly allows you to create custom URL by entering a custom name which is however optional. The tools come with a captcha so every time you generate a short link you need to enter the new captcha.

McAf.ee Short Links: This is a McAfee tool which is a leading company in virus protection software’s. McAf.ee Short Links use Global Threat Intelligence to filter out the bad url which saves you from landing on to malicious sites. You can also do so directly from the browser by using the Chrome and Mozilla plugins.

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